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In January of 1968 The School of Practical Art changed its name to The Art Institute of Boston as an outward sign of the diversity of ideas and interests that had generated during the past decade. The combined efforts of students, teachers, and administrators have produced a broad program which attracts students with a variety of goals, and affords an opportunity to study in several different disciplines.

The Art Institute of Boston seeks talented young people who wish to make art their lifetime career. The school offers a three-year program leading to diplomas in advertising design, illustration, photography, and fine art.

Students receive instruction from practicing professional artists, and graduates are prepared to fill responsible positions on the fields they have chosen. In addition, each year a number of graduates elect to continue their formal art education and find themselves adequately prepared to enjoy success in graduate programs at this and other art schools across the country.

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The Art Institute of Boston Course Catalog (1969-1971)