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The School of Practical Art was established in 1912 by Roy Atherton Davidson, who saw the great need of a school where young men and women could receive vocational training in practical art. The School is a pioneer in this line of work, and its twenty years of experience in teaching art that is practical has made its courses not only of permanent worth, but of immediate commercial value.

What can I do? This is a question that every high school boy and girl must answer sooner or later. Many have discovered during their high school years that they have a certain amount of talent in drawing. Although the discovery may not be very significant to them, in reality it is of the utmost importance and may be the answer to "What can I do?" Educational psychologists have in recent years proved that these early signs of talent are a sure indication of the field of endeavor the possessor should follow if future success is to be assured. Therefore, if you have shown an interest in drawing and some ability during your high school training, you can be assured that this is the type of work to which you are best adapted and in which you will be most successful, provided you get sufficient and proper training and choose a branch of art that is practical. As every year brings an increasing demand for this creative work, you will find in the School of Practical Art training the answer to your question, "What can I do?" The drawings and paintings reproduced in this catalogue are original, and all were made by students who began their art school training with only average talent - the degree of talent that you are familiar with in your high school work.

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The School of Practical Art Course Catalog (1932-1933)