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The School of Practical Art was established in 1912 by Roy Atherton Davidson. For twenty-nine years it has regularly and consistently trained its students to engage in remunerative work in those branches of art which are necessary to business and industry. Today it occupies an important position in the training and placing of artists in this work.

The drawings and paintings reproduced in this catalog are all original, and were made by students who began their art school training with no more talent than you are familiar with in high school work. Unusual talent is not necessary and you should not expect too much of your untrained efforts, for finished artists are not born any more than are finished doctors, lawyers, or followers of any other vocation. However, your early efforts, though they may appear weak to you, are definite indications of the field of endeavor which you should follow if future success is to be assured. Sufficient and proper training will produce the necessary development. We have on permanent exhibition here at the school, many examples of work clone by students while in high school, and also drawings made by the same students toward the encl of their art school course. The progress shown is startling and should enable you to judge what your own ability, developed by the same training, could accomplish.

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School of Practical Art Course Catalog (1941-1942)