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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

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Lesley University and Art Institute of Boston


Cambridge, MA


Poetry, Student Works, Visual Art, theatre scene


Acting | Fiction | Fine Arts | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry



06 Jennifer Leavey, "The Might of Might"

07 Marcella Muscatell, "High Seas (Tremolo)"

10 Kevin Menasco, "Untitled"

11 Sara Clark, "The Warrior’s Sonnet"

11 Lyndsey Carpenter, "Madame Sherri’s"

18 Daniel Shay, "Untitled"

18 Roxan McKinnon, "Words"

19 Christine Jozitis, "Call This Home"

20 Jeremy Gray, "Writing with Pencils on Fire"

21-23 Michael A. Luna, "Lucy and Miguel: A Meeting of Immaculate Siblings"

25 Pamela Lowe, "The Atlantic Lasso"

25 Kate Szumita, "1996"

28-30 Levon Schpeiser, "Futile Systems"

32 Kelly Tehan Jankauskas, "A Day and a Night, Pt. II"

33 Olga Godes, "You, or Something Like It"

34 Lyndsey Carpenter, "Wonderland or Bust"

35 Marcella Muscatell, "Lucrezia"

36 Dametres Hutchinson, "The Day I Stopped Crying"

37 Anabel Balsebre, "I Expected to Free You"

38 Heather Mangone, "The Architecture of Friendship"

39 Katie O’Donnell, "Sitting in the Grass with You I Wonder"

39 Meaghan Lis, "Sleepless in Allston"

42 Daniel Shay, "Fading Roots"

43 Sara Clark, "Italian Curse"

46 Tyler Burdwood, "Poem"

47 Kristen Ritchie, "Statue"

49 James Nutter, "A New Age"

50 Meaghan Lis, "Hands Clean"

51 Kate Szumita, "Alice Grew Up"

62 Andrew Chenevert, "Cambridge: A Love Poem"

63 Kasey Lingley, "Observation, 1662 Mass. Ave."

64 Christine Jozitis, "Thinking of You"

65 Tyler Burdwood, "The Sunsick Gardener"

66 Phyllis Duff, "I Am, I Am"

67 Kelly Tehan Jankauskas, "The Ultimate Destiny of the Elements as They Undergo Mankind’s Reliance Upon Providence"

69 Brittany Johnson, "I’d Rather Live Than Live Forever"

70 Meaghan Lis, "Our Sexuality, Who Art in Guilt"

71 Parthena Lambrianidis, "Speed"

72 Melissa Streffacio, "Ode to the Heart Shaped Leaf You Gave Me One Afternoon"

74 James Nutter, "In The Field the Stones are Sharp and Glimmering"

75 Kate Szumita, "Summer"

76 James Nutter, "Lyman School for Boys"

77 Chelsea Quackenbush, "Reaching Perfection"

78 Nicholas Bridges, "Process"

78 Leah Laplaca, "Grow to Love"

80-81 Richard Cranford, "Three Villanelles"

82 Anonymous, "The Assassin"

83 Kelly Tehan Jankauskas, "0010110101"

88 Leah Laplaca, "Peace of Mind"

89 Rebecca Washburn, "Resist"

90 Roxan McKinnon, "Translucence"

91 Ashley Delgado, "Hidden"

92-93 Rachel Simon, "Side A, Side B"

95 Rebecca Washburn, "Sixty-Five"

96 Marcella Muscatell, "Crows Flew from the Trees Chasing the Echoes of a Gunshot"

98 Katie Zeitz, "Stubborn Leaves"

99 Rebecca Washburn, "Mom’s Kitchen"

99 Nicki Blodgett, "Plants Need Love to Grow But…"

106 Kelly Ur, "Yoga Poem"

107 Roxan McKinnon, "Rage"

107 Olga Godes, "Girl Who Raises Her Hand"

110 Rachael Holden, "Conditioning"

111 Anonymous, "Hunger Occupies the Thoughts"

112 Jennifer Leavey, "Masquerade"

113 Devra Snow, "Hunting"


8-9 Mike Tise, "Amphetamine King"

14-16 Elyse Gilbert, "The Way It Is"

24 Cheryl Lawton, "Ant, Mother, Iron Fish—the Unbroken Code"

44-45 Emily Mangiaratti, "I’ll Be There"

53-59 Jeremy Gray, "Maxima Debetur Puero Reverentia"

108-109 Cheryl Lawton, "The Tale of the Talking Corn"

116 E. Christopher Clark "The Seventh Draft"


100-101 Jennifer Leavey, "The Devil Went Down To Ashland"

102-104 Suzanne Cope, "Dirty Carrots"


84-86 Lyndsey Carpenter, "Conflict Scene"


12-13 Dorian Sanders, "Untitled"

17 Dorian Sanders, "Untitled"

26-27 Dorian Sanders, "Untitled"

31 Olga Godes, "Between the Bars"

40-41 Nadia Jennings, "Interpretation of Dreams"

48 Anonymous, "Untitled"

51 Corinne Dasti, "Untitled"

52 Leah Cirker-Stark, "Untitled"

60-61 Dorian Sanders, "Untitled"

68 Corinne Dasti, "Untitled"

73 Katherine Frangos, "Untitled"

79 Corinne Dasti, "Untitled"

87 Leanna Leon, "Untitled"

94 Chris Chew, "Untitled"

97 Anonymous, "Untitled"

105 Kaila Gee, "Siamese Twins"

114-115 Olga Godes, "There’s No Place Like Home"

Commonthought (2010)