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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Fall 2017

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


visual arts, non-fiction, creative writing, poetry, student work


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Nonfiction | Painting | Poetry | Printmaking



05 Elisandra Lopes, “Untitled”

20 Danielle Maio, “the everything the nothing”

32 Noah Grigni, “Black Moon”

47 Noah Grigni, “We Are Golden”

59 Jackie Gold, “Why Can’t I Sleep, Moon?"

71 Noah Grigni, “Tied Up"

74 Hope Seasholes, “Untitled”

93 Noah Grigni, “Glow”

103 Kevin Fang, “Untitled"

115 Noah Grigni, “Shells”


12 Linda Wallentine, “Spiritual Acquiescence”

25 Chris Flisher, “The Day The Parson Died”

52 Nick Adams, “The Bugbear”

64 Erik Hendrickson, “Dinner Time”

75 B.G. Reece, “What Has Been Lost”

100 Caitlin Hanley, “Catalyst”

106 Alice Fristrom, “Les Chienes Phantomes”


09 Lea Nason, “A Ghost Named Sammy”

33 Diane Griffin, “When I Was a Passenger”

95 Dan Chou, “October 29, 1985”

113 Michael Coleman, “Untitled”

06 Olimpia Carias, “Misterio de los mayas”

07 Emmaleigh Diecidue, “Twenty”

08 Kelsey Chaplain, “ancestors”

21 Annemarie Jonsson, “GHOSTS”

22 Zofia Provizer, “heat”

23 Sophia Lynch, “From Down Here”

24 Olivia MacDonald, “Grace”

27 Emma Brousseau, “A letter from Icarus to the Sun (A letter from me to you, using a thinly veiled metaphor)”

28 Jackie Gold, “September”

29 Michael Coleman, “Urban Puddle”

30 Olimpia Carias, “butchery in a tiny bundle”

31 Flavianny Kelle Silva Rabelo, “Thiago, The Drug Trafficker”

45 Zofia Provizer, “8"

46 Kelsey Chaplain, “picked roses”

48 Linda Wallentine, “The Generation of Communication”

50 Olivia MacDonald, “6 PM Gridlock”

51 Marissa Milkey, “Fear of the Potential”

56 Annemarie Jonsson, “THE HARDEST THINGS TO SAY”

57 Sophia Lynch, “Ground-Nesters”

58 Scott Bausemer, “Soul”

60 Jackie Gold, “Numb”

61 Emma Brousseau, “honeycomb in my left ventricle”

62 Olivia MacDonald, “The Injection of Perfection”

63 Michael Coleman, “Ode to the hotdog”

69 Marissa Milkey, “Ginger-Flavored Sheep”

70 Emma Brousseau, “bone of contention”

72 Carly Colombo, “DIRTY”

73 Chris Flisher, “Before Kennedy”

92 Flavianny Kelle Silva Rabelo, “Sea Mist Woman”

94 Emmaleigh Diecidue, “Stockholm Syndrome”

99 Kelsey Chaplain, “fertility”

104 Sara Stanton, “Bleeding Blood”

110 Jackie Gold, “We Were”

111 Sara Stanton, “Hardwood”

112 Flavianny Kelle Silva Rabelo, “Disassociation Meals”

116 Olimpia Carias, “Let me tell you about the day the sea became my lover.”

Commonthought (2017)