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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

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Lesley University and Art Institute of Boston


Cambridge, MA


Poetry, Student Works, Visual Art, theatre scene


Fiction | Illustration | Painting | Photography | Poetry



6 Juliet Degree, “Mortal Coils”

6 Katharine Vannier, “Glow"

7 Emily Javanese, “Crippled”

7 Katie Reuning, “The Bare Shadows”

8 Andrew Chenevert, “An Expression of Disinterest”

10 Katharine Vannier, “Fiery Magnificence”

11 Andrew Chenevert, “Autumns Then and Now”

20 KB Ballentine, "Shomerim at Birkenau”

20 Jamie Worcester, “Like the Smoke Around a Burning Cigarette

25 Patrick Phelan, “Sugar and Violets”

26 Sara Burgess, “02134”

28 Anonymous, “Nightmares”

29 Lisa DeSiro, "Hooking Up Aubade”

34 Anonymous, “The First Time I Killed An Animal”

34 Kelly Gullage, “anticipation”

35 Kristen Ritchie, “Tongue of Seclusion”

36 Michael A. Luna, “The Dragon”

41 Elisa Pompeo, “Broken Bones”

43 Jamie Worcester, “Under-Where”

63 Anonymous, “The Heavy Peace”

64 Kelly Gullage, “still”

65 Reid Thibeault, “I’ve kept these for you.”

71 Lauren Paredes, “Polarize”

78 Patrick Phelan, “Swing”

79 Stephanie Hardie, “Superficial”

80 Sara Burgess, “Untitled”

88 Lisa DeSiro, “Alter Ego”

89 Christopher Monaco, “You Found Me Singing with Sam Cooke”

89 Reid Thibeault, “Comfort Lighting”

90 Jessica Rizkallah, “Aristotle’s Triangle Was Not Scalene”

107 Rachel Silva, “Dive”

108 Christopher Monaco, “Cutting Focaccia”

109 Reid Thibeault, “The Ocean Gardener”

110 Meaghan Lis, “Come Hell or High Water”

115 Brendan Attridge, “Rout the Queen”

117- Andrew Chenevert, “Ekphrasis on "The Business Giraffe"

119 Michael Luna, “The Temptation of Miguel”

125 Rachel Simon, “Our destiny is in the stars. So let’s go and search for it.”

132 KB Ballentine, “Signs of Winter”


46 Mark Mazzenga, “Crucified"

96 Katie Reuning, “Phantasm”


12 Daniel Marquis, “Awake”

21 Sara Clark, “Worlds”

30 E. Christopher Clark, “The Carcass of the Ghost”

44 Katherine Strumm, “Spartacus”

59 Sara Burgess, “Adenoma”

72 Allison Gilmore, “An Understanding”

78 Lauren Paredes, “August”

79 Rosana Hamden, “My Own Demise”

82 Jacquelyn Knapp, “Mother, May I?”

92 Jamie Worcester, “Wilting”

104 Katherine Strumm, “The Opportunity”

112 Evan Reseska, "A Call to Arms”

126 Mark Mazzenga, “March of the Penguin”


6 Jessika Coromel, “Untitled”

19 Katharine Vannier, “Winter Trees”

23 Rachael Johnson, “Seer”

27 Steven Poreca, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”

28 Caitlin Tupper, “Balz”, “Ricky”, and “Chris”

33 Linda Cohem, “Behind the Music”

28 Young Song, “Maui”

42 Josh Mayhew, “Under-Where”

45 Kristin Musser, “Untitled"

58 Lauren Chagaris, “Eye Tree”

64 Jessika Coromel, “Untitled”

66 Rachael Johnson, “My Body is the Earth”

67 Megan Pendleton, “Peaceful Lady”

68 Rachael Brennskag, “Frog Prince”

69 Steven Poreca, “Joker”

70 Elisa Pompeo, “Pattern 2”

81 Santiago Semino, “Waiting in Rain”

88 Jessika Coromel, “Untitled”

106 Mary Deane, “Wheel of Time”

111 Matt DeRosier, “Explosive Joy”

114 Stephen Speranza, “Untitled”

116 Julia Kass, “The Business Giraffe”

118 Danielle DiFalco, “Ice and Fire”

124 Rachael Brennskag, “The Monster”

125 Matt DeRosier, “Black and White, Church”

131 Elisa Pompeo, “Figure 4”

132 Kristiana Letourneau, “Winter”

Commonthought (2011)