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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Spring 1990

Document Type



Lesley University


Cambridge, Ma


Student Works, Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose, Illustration, Printmaking, Photography


Creative Writing | Fine Arts | Illustration | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Frontspiece-Sarah Swenson, "Wood Cut"

01 Sarah Wegman, "What Are Poems?"

01 Rey Gutzwiller,"Women Crowd"

02 Janet Senzer, "The Banana"

03 Margo Grossberg, "The Swinging Pendulum"

07 Molly Morgan, "I Thought I Saw An Angel On the Burning Cross of Life"

08 Barbara Smith-Moran, "The Other Apostles"

09 Molly Morgan, "Untitled"

10 Foster Rockwell, "Five Baby Boys"

11 Deborah Valiente, "Do This In Memory of He"

12 Paula Rozan, "The Color of Love"

17 Lorraine Sinclaire, "Downtown Train"

18 Doria K. Rhodes, "Two Hearts"

19-20 Elizabeth Muller, "Connection of Sight"

21 Anne Elezabeth Pluto, "Autumn"

22 Esther Kohn, "An Attic Apartment, Lawrence, Kansas"

23 Natalie Nicholson, "Untitled"

24 Darelyn Ulmer, "A friend is …"

25 Laurel Moore, "Beth"

27 Gina Cannell, "Lizzie I"

28 JaneenF. Crews, "Mine"

29 Verena Ritter, "Reflections on Abortion"

30 Anne Duchak Lang, "Grandmother"

36 Liz Kauffman, "The Dragon's Cradle"

32 Carlee McLaughlin, "Teen Years"

34 Susan Schmidt,"Mother"

35 Sheryl Boris-Schacter, "oh, Daddy"

36 Leslie Gibbons, "Landscapes of the Imagination"

37 Heather Olsen "The Teaching Phase"

38 Elisa Lucozzi, "The Closet"

39 Yael Schoen, "Untitled"

40 Cheryl Smith "Pro-Choice Rally"

Womanthought (1990)