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Publication Date

Spring 1992

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Student Work, Prose and Poetry, Fine Art, Creative Writing, Magazine of the Arts


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Fine Arts | Illustration | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Poetry and Prose

04 Violet Bassett, "Untitled"

05 Elisa Lucozzi , "Quiet Storm"

06 Elizabeth Coates, "I'm No Alice"

09 Jennifer Eileen Peskin, "Waves of Ecstasy"

10 Foster Rockwell, "Pine Cone"

11 Leigh Kalil Sasen, "On My Way"

12 Joan E. Dolamore, "DeVelera's Moon"

15 Karen E. Tripp, "Ratios"

16 Bharati Samnani, "Mother"

17 Jennifer K.Hill, "A Mothers Love"

18 Judy Campbell, "I'm Fifty (And It Glows To Show Ya)"

20 Tara Martin, "Whats Is Mine"

21 MBFXC, "Does An Hourglass Tick When It Tells Time?"

22 Stacy Spumberg, "Stoned Soilders"

24 Stephanie Krauss, "Untitled

25 Edy Shapiro, "Waltzing Bones"

26 K Collins, "January"

28 Jennifer L. Thompson, "September 9, 1986"

29 Viven Marcow, "Johanneburg 1987"

30 Sigal Shapira, "Untitled"

31 Jennifer Orvis, "Untitled"

33 Caryn Mayo, "dreams"

34 Kristen Lynn Darnell, "Echoes"

35 Erin Connelly, "Why So Colorless?"

36 Elise P. Letourneau, "Song For My Father"

38 Holley Daschbach, "I Am Six"

40 Anne Elezabeth Pluto, "Bill and Michelle's Dream"

44 Stephanie Ruediger, "A Dying Nation"

45 Claudine Massena, "The Homeless Claudine Massena"

46 Rebecca Nye, "The Birth Rebecca"

49 Somaly S. Meas, "Cold As A Stone"

50 Jennifer Gage, "Untitled"

52 Daniel Skolnick, "The Grand Finale"

53 Carlos Suarez-Boulangger, "Pretty Chilly"

57 Anonymous,"Discrimination in America"

59 Greta Buck, "Untitled"

60 Leslie S. Gibbons , "I Gather These Bones"

61 Sebastian Lockwood, "Chapter 13"

67 Alexandra Farah, "Low Life"

69 Andrea Goff-Tower, "The Divorce"

70 Jane Leschinsky, "When Irish Eyes Are Crying"

72 Kristen Heller, "Untitled"

73 Contributor's Notes


Front Cover Kristen Lagace, "Untitled"

08 Rebecca Drey "Untitled"

16 Jennifer L. Thompson, "The Universe Within"

23 Rebecca Drey, "Untitled"

32 Kate Huston, "Insane Asylum"

39 Stephanie Krauss, "Untitled"

43 Tracy Wright , "Untitled"

51 Barbara Callahan, "Untitled"

56 Tracy Wright, "Untitled"

66 Naomi Congalton, "Homage to the 60's"

Inside Back Cover Molly Morgan, "Wisha"

Inside Back Cover Molly Morgan, "Untitled"

"Untitled" Molly Morgan Inside Back Cover

"Allegory" Molly Morgan Back Cover

Womanthought Vol. III, No. I (Spring 1992)