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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student Work, Fine Art, Poetry, Prose, Creative Writing


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Graphic Design | Illustration | Painting | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


"Content Warning Statement Please note : Pieces in this collection deal with various topics such as suicide, mental illness, and drug abuse. Those pieces that do have been marked on this contents page with an asterisk (*) for the reader's awareness . The placement of content warnings is not a matter of coddling a generation that is exceptionally sensitive . Rather, they are put in place because we feel we are more aware of what people have gone through and of the issues they may be dealing with . "

Front & Back Cover, Kelsey Chaplain, "Froooot"

07 Alison Lacouture, "Wagon Girl"

08 Jamie Magid, "Kids These Days"

11-19, "Undrafted Writing from the Day After the Election"

20 Bree Wisniewski, "*That Picture of Us In Our Living Room That I Hated"

21 Bree Wisniewski,"*Catholic school gave me acid reflux"

22 Tesneem El-Alami, "Unfair Judgement"

24 Hannah Gaucher, "Here I Am"

25 Lauren Dausch "Here I Am"

26 Sophia Lynch, "Cats Aren't Cats"

28 Arielle Chappell, "October"

29 Franklin Castilo, "The Storm"

30 Erica Redfern, "My Father's Mask"

30 Erica Redfern, "My Father's Mask"

39 Julia Frank, "We're All Mad Here"

40 Michelle Kubilis, "Io Sono Italiana"

41 Allison Lacouture, "Listening to Fleet Foxes"

42 Noah Mulgay, "The Kotel"

44 Kai Barry, "Star Child"

45 Olivia MacDonald, "To Crush the Pine"

46 Gene Lutekemyer,"Geometry of World"

50 Sabrina Gavin, "Society Shackles"

51 Nicole Mello, "Buenos Aires Risen"

52 Kristin Wissler, "Smile"

60 Elizabeth Rozan, "Research"

61 Patrick Henehan, "*Untilttled Photo"

62 Kelsey Chaplain, "*Q"

64 Tyler Wright, "Untittled"

66 Kev Fang, "Witness of Regret"

67 Hanna Gaucher, "Breakers"

70 Drew McDonald, "Demon #1"

71 Katherine Lum, "Jeans Dirty From the Rocks We Sat On"

75 Tyree Cooper, "memproes"

76 Hunter Liguore, "The Great Chain"

82 Sarah Beth Campisi, "Rusting"

83 Paige Buchanan, "I am From"

84 Kathleen Segura, Untitled Watercolor

85 Alana Luong, "Blush"

88 Emma Spear, "Hey "

89 Jenna Desmond,"Aphrodite"

90 Adam Mooney, "A Catalog of Dead Dads"

92 Curtis Atchison, "You Want More?"

94 Bryanna Drew, " Scituate Lighthouse Parking Lot, on an Almost-Spring Saturday at 11:37"

Commonthought (2016 & 2017)