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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Fall 1994

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Literary Journal, Student work, Poems and Proses, Illustration, Artwork


Creative Writing | Fine Arts | Illustration | Painting | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Poetry and Prose

02 Amanda M. McNuge,"The Ultimate Act 2"

16 Andrea B. Tower,"Through A Child's Eyes"

22 Barton Kunstler,"The Labyrinth Dancers"

23 Judith Periale, "Prayer for the Lives of the She Children"

25 Cheryl Smith, "Poem for Small Voices"

29 Sebastian Lockwood, "Bosnia"

30 Kirk Margoles,"Return"

31 Anonymous, "Enemy of Emotions "

32 Sara Harlan, "Untitled"

38 Saskia Grun berger,"I Am"

40 Anonymous, "TheRape"

42 Moira Claire Harrigan, "Stolen Innocence"

42 Moira Claire Harrigan, "Victim or Survivor?"

44 Stephanie Kornfield, "The Agreement"

50 Stephanie Anne Ruediger, "Lovers"

52 Bharati Samnani, "Untitled"

52 MSG ,"Untitled"

53 Carma Rorke, "Untitled"

62 Teresa Meile, "Statement of Teaching Philosophy"

69 Sharon Romeo, "Senior Investiture Poem"

73 Julie Grimmer, "Musings"

78 Kimberly Keenan, "Looks Could Kill"

80 Sara Harlan, "Untitled"

81 Melinda W. Green, "Bureau"

82 Judith Campbell, "Awakening"

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Essays

04 Dawn Presnell, "Untitled"

08 Anonymous,"Untitled"

09 Amanda M. McNuge, "Learning How to Drive"

13 Pamela F. WattsFlavin, "A Georgia Memory"

18 Martha Hagerty, "Dog Days"

33 Anne Elezabeth Pluto, "Skakespear and Company, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation"

45 Ellen Tara Voll, "Sugar"

51 Donna Cole,"Venus Rising"

54 Joan E. Dolamore, "DeVeleras' Moon: Part Two"

64 Holly Ireland, "I Went to a Trustee Meeting (And I Survived)"

74 King-Kwan Kathy Cheng, "Untitled"

83 Anonymous, "Suicide, Death, and Rebirth"


Front Cover- Judith Campbell,"Untitled"

03 Amanda M. McNuge, "Destiny"

07 Johanna S. Goodman,"Societal Wounds" ·

08 Amanda M. McNuge, "Husband and Father"

15 Christine Kavanagh, "Untitled"

17 Tomoko Nagao, "Untitled"

24 Johanna S. Goodman, "Innocence"

28 Amanda M. McNuge,"Silent Suffering"

32 Lisa Mitrano,"Untitled"

39 Johanna S. Goodman,"Treasures"

41 Elizabeth Jones,"Untitled"

43 Marie Horgan, "Untitled"

61 Christine Kavanagh,"Untitled"

68 Amanda M. McNuge,"Untitled"

73 Tamae Eda, "Untitled"

77 Jill A. Mendelson, "Untitled"

79 Andrea B. Tower, "Mirror"

81 Bryson Dean, "Chest of Drawers"

Inside Back Cover- Mike Galvin, "Untitled"

Backcover-Johanna S. Goodman, "I Will Rise"

86 Contributor's Notes

Commonthought (Fall 1994)