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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Winter 12-2018

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Lesley University




Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Poetry


Table of Contents


05 Olivia MacDonald, “Overgrowth”

14 Nicholas Catalano, “Boston Editorial”

28 Sam Manning, “Tool”

38 Danielle Stanuchenski, “Found Paper”

43 Sam Manning, “A Predicament at 4 A.M.”

51 Jenna Tessler, “Mask the Pain”

66 Sam Manning, “Subconcious”

72 Vath Doangpratheep, “Sleepy”

80 Nicholas Catalano, “Ballad of Life and Death”

96 Mabry Grifin "Untitled"


15 Linda Wallentine, “Miss Darla”

31 Olivia MacDonald, “Distant Peaks”

62 Callie Gonsalves, “Roadkill”

82 E. Christopher Clark, “Time’s Fool”


06 Maya Grubner, “November 10, 2016”

07 Charlie Clement, “Those Birds"

08 Mabry Griffin "Another God Save Silly Women and Decals"

09 Abigail Martin-Ryan, “⭐spread kindness⭐"

10 Olimpia A. Carias, “Garden Party”

11 Olivia MacDonald, “Epithalamium”

13 Annalise Errico, “Astral”

20 Erin O’Shea, “New Year”

22 Sabrina Garvin, “The Dagon's Library"

24 Mabry Griffin "Another Mile"

25 Katy Lum, “in the fifteen minutes it took you to text back"

26 Nicholas Catalano, “Just Screens”

29 Mabry Griffin, "The Truth of the Night"

30 Maya Grubner, “Nový

39 Kerrin Mangan, “Maiden Names”

41 dalia miré, “luca”

42 Annalise Errico, “Size”

44 Benjamin Gorelick, “O Cosmic Sound!”

46 Mabry Griffin,“my ancestors were victims of genocide. congrats on ‘the luck of the irish’”

47 Kai Barry, “Pulling Teeth”

48 Tianna Romero McLardy, “Scopuli, Sirenum”

49 Maya Grubner, “daughter”

50 dalia cousineau, “an ode to men who dare open their mouths against me”

57 Erin O’Shea, “Heroin”

58 Sabrina Garvin, “Running Back to You”

60 Abigail Martin-Ryan, “I want to see it reversed.”

61 Kai Barry, “Wolfsbane”

67 Kerrin Mangan, “Confessions”

68 dalia cousineau, “lingering”

69 Erin O’Shea, “A Mother’s Lessons”

71 Olimpia A. Carias, “love letter”

73 Kai Barry, “Goodnight”

74 Katy Lum, “poem for my future lover”

75 dalia cousineau, “my life when it comes to you and cars”

76 Erin O’Shea, “I Am”

77 Kai Barry, “Twilight”

78 Sabrina Garvin, “Sleeping in Mother’s Place”

79 Kerrin Mangan, “Ghost”

81 Abigail Martin-Ryan, “From the Simon & Garfunkel song ‘The Sound Of Silence'"

94 Annalise Errico, “Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write”

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