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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

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Lesley University and Art Institute of Boston


Cambridge, MA


Poetry, Student Works, Visual Art, Writing


Fiction | Illustration | Photography | Poetry



07 Jessica Rizkallah, “i figured”

08 Sam Trevino, “Variation on The Honeymooners”

09 Anne Elizabeth Pluto, “OZ”

10 Harrison Ford, “Ballad of the Blood on My Pillow”

18 Christine Bennett, “Untitled”

19 Lauren Parades, “Field Runners”

23 Reid Thibeault, "carnival woman”

25 Lisa DeSiro, “Retraction”

34 Julia Pike, “Coffee Eyes, You’ve Got Me Coughing Up My Cookie Heart"

35 Katie Zeitz, “Bound”

36 Corey Cook -“Untitled”

37 Catey Bayse, “The Undiscovered Note”

42 Reid Thibeault, “The Last Weaver”

43 John Belmont, “I Hope You, Figaro Mozart”

45 Patrick Phelan, “Virgin Queen”

61 Tyler Burdwood, “Sleep Cycles”

65 Patrick Phelan, “Burning Pine"

66 Katie Seitz, “When Couches Were Mountains”

68 Scott Anderson, “Solo”

75 Reid Thibeault, “night breathing”

76 Anne Elizabeth Pluto, “Tom O’Bedlam in the Garden of Eden”

77 Shawdeen Vatan, “Untitled”

88 Pricilla Tuy, “Wanting”

89 Lisa DeSiro, “Rainy Night Espresso”

89 Scott Anderson, “Autograph”

91 Anne Nicolas, “The Rhythm of My Name”


11 Catey Bayse, “Bow Street”

14 Laura Gubata, “The Orchard”

21 Abbie Levesque, “The Anatomy of a Breakup”

26 E. Christopher Clark, “Sure”.

39 Anita Handy, “Just Yesterday”

47 R. I. Tuesday, “The Apocalypse Cell”

63 Joe Kimpel, “The Pope’s Motorcycle”

71 Viktor Herrmann, “First Time Businessman”

78 Andrew Capone, “Small Suitcase”

80 Brendan Flaherty, “The Nest”

86 Catey Bayse, “Pygmalion’s Wife”

93 Chris Maloney, “Barlow”


6 Bryan Ballinger, “Floating in the Negative Zone”

13 Alex Friedlander, “The Leap”

20 Cajai Fellows Johnson, “Untitled”

24 Bryan Ballinger, “The Hill”

33 Bryan Ballinger, “Brother Thomas”

46 Cajai Fellows Johnson, “Untitled”

62 Bryan Ballinger, “The Princess and the P”

67 Eleanor Bennett, “Untitled”

69 Bryan Ballinger, “Grim Reaping”

70 Eleanor Bennett, “Speak to Another”

79 Alex Friedlander, “Toolkit”

87 Eleanor Bennett, “Sleep Anywhere”

92 Samantha Carey, "Untitled”

Commonthought (2012)