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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Fall 2009

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student Work, Creative Writing, Poetry, Visual Arts


Creative Writing | Illustration | Painting | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Table of Contents


11 Olga Gades, “Listening”

12 Jake Bison, "Home Economics”

13 Jessica Almeida, "The Slackers on the Half Moon”

14 Kate Szumita, "Enter Here”

16 Cory Holt, “The Crossing”

17 Miriam Rosenson-August Rain Dance

21 Jeremy Gray, “Rabbit in Winter Rain”

22 Chaz Southard, “The Night Uprising”

24 Christine Jozitis, “Gravity”

26 Sara Clark, “Post-it.”

27 Derek Burns, “Day 13”

28 Parthena Lambrianidis, “Because”

37 Shaela Keogh, “Walker-to creep like quiet seeps”

38 Olivia Jennings, “Damp, Dreary Delusions”

40 Kasey Lingley, “heart means everything”

41 Jessica M Patricio, “Tower of Ulysses In the Castle of Sao Jorge”

43 Katherine Lansing, “Hourglass”

44 Will Deeks, “Now that it's Chilly”

46 Emma O'Donnell, “Impossible”

49 Roxanna Minor, “1O¾ oz”

50 Olga Gades, “white space”

51 Lee Wachendorf, “Operation Table”

52 Jenna Fralick, “Grand Canal”

54 Jake Bison, “The First Two”

56 Katherine Lansing, “Do you know?”

57 Rae Lee Grassia, “Grey Ribbon Candy”

63 Kasey Lingley, “J”

64 Derek Burns, “The Coup”

72 Aaron Stockwell, “Backyards near the New Hampshire Border”

74 Roxanna Minor, “Copycat”

75 Lee Wachendorf, “Body Language”

76 Robert Wauhkonen, “The Spruces”

80 Will Deeks, “My Mothers Kitchen”

82 Sara Clark, “Yesterday's Favorite”

83 Kate Szumita, “Reanimation”

84 Kat Rogers, “Shogunate Incursion”

89 Jenna Fralick, “After Sex Questionnaire”

90 Jake Bison, “Bunker Hill”

91 Miriam Rosenson, “Sally is a Prime Number Between 17 and 23”

93 Emma O'Donnell, “She's Convinced”

94 Olga Gades, “Come tell it to the wind”

103 Cory Holt, “How am I not myself?”

106 Anne Elezabeth Pluto, “A Phoenix Nest of Valentines”

107 Robert Wauhkonen, “Late August”

108 Shaela Keogh, “chimera”

109 Christopher Bock, “The Goldfinch and the Red Oak Tree”

111 Olga Gades, “Remain”


9 Jerimiah Bergstrom, “Deconstruction”

18 Brittany McCarthy, “Places”

30 E. Christopher Clark, “The Tale of Old Silas”

47 Michael A. Luna, “Conversation with My Muse”

59 Sam Mead, “Bravery”

66 Josh Innocent, “How to be a Successful Commuter”

77 Rebecca Washburn, “Phoof's Adventure”

85 Corey Estlund, “Quentin Compson or Die”

95 Jeremy Gray, “Day Job”


15 Kendra Kantor, “If I Were A Bird”

25 Ben Boeke, “Untitled”

42 Jessica Shasha, “Untitled”

53 Kathryn Grove, “Men Around Fire”

58 Lisa Williams, “Ecological evolution”

65 Markus Haala, “Tentacle Relations”

71 Ben Bocko, “Untitled”

81 Kendall Eifler, “Untitled”

110 Kendra Kantor, “The Butterfly”


Front Gordon Callanan, “John Cubed”

Back Gordon Callanan, “Gordo Cubed”

Commonthought, (Fall 2009)