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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Poetry, Student Works, Visual Art, Prose


Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Photography | Poetry



08 Zachary Najarian-Najafi, “Untitled”

09 Jess Rizkallah, “Pizza Dude Wasn’t You But Like For a Second He Kinda Was”

12 Michael Ratcliffe, “U.S. 1, Howard County, Maryland”

19 W. Luther Jett, “The Kid”

20 Lisa DeSiro, “Hawks in Harvard Square”

21 Willow Coronella, “Central: Grand”

23 Zachary Najarian-Najafi, “Untitled”

24 Anne Higgins, “An Active and Personal Devil”

36 Michael Ratcliffe, “Cold Night, Main Street, Cambridge”

39 Bonnie Rachel Lutz, “Shame”

40 Zachary Najarian-Najafi, “Untitled”

41 W. Luther Jett, “Four Bullets”

42 Charles Rammelkamp, “Bird Calls”

43 Lisa DeSiro, “Static Cling”

53 Harrison Ford, “Russian Bride to Be”

56 Lexie Mumey, “Tall, Pockets”

67 Doritt Carroll, “sorry you are not an instant winner”

68 Juliet Degree, “Closet”

77 Charles Rammelkamp, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

80 Harrison Ford, “Square Harvard”

91 Charles Rammelkamp, “A Respectable Old Widower

Marries an Ambitious Young Vamp”

92 Gregory Luce, “Over Coffee”

97 Bonnie Rachel Lutz, “I don’t know you”

99 Fabia Oliveira, “Euro Trip”

104 Gregory Luce, “Key”

105 Michelle Kubilis, “Player”

107 Harrison Ford, “Hooker-Sorrento Pantoum”

108 Michael Ratcliffe, “Sometimes I Think It Was Just a Dream”

110 Gregory Luce, “Torn From a Notebook”

111 Amy Coole, “Others Keep Hearing You”

123 Chris Chew, “Sleep piled high”

124 Kat Strumm, “Bad News Beers”

125 Shem Tane, “Fort”

126 Fabia Oliveira, “Holidaze”

127 Michelle Kubilis, “Reprise”


10 Marisa Glynn, “Night Time Scavenger”

14 Tyler W. Plourd, “Darkness”

25 Abbie Levesque, “The Year They Bombed The Zoo”

28 Carolyn Clare Givens, “A Man, a Plan, a Canal”

45 Brendan Flaherty, “Sound”

60 George Leetch, “Go to the Cemetery”

70 E. Christopher Clark, “One Player or Two?”

81 Brendan Flaherty, “Take Heart, Dear”

93 Emily Pysczynski, “My Little Angel”

100 Kaitlyn Scrivano, “Damn Paperclip"

112 Brendan Flaherty, “Power Meeting”


7 Alyssa Marshall, “Letter Home”

11 Ben Peipert, “Jungle Eyes”

22 Tyler Plourd, “Martha’s Vineyard Seagull”

27 Emma Benard, “Untitled”

38 Ethan Riley, “This is a Baby”

44 Lyndsey McElreath, “Little Boo”

55 Alyssa Marshall, “Let Her Sleep”

59 Ethan Riley, “Little Troll”

69 Dylan Griffin, “Untitled”

79 Matthew Cobb, “Subway”

90 Lyndsey McElreath, “Aphrodite”

96 Dylan Griffin, “Untitled”

106 Benjamin Peipert, “Bugs”

122 Lyndsey McElreath, “Rider”

128 Jamie Truman, “The Long and Winding Road”

Commonthought (2013)