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Call for Proposals

Event date: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 9am–7pm
Kick-off Celebration at Lunder Arts Center, Tuesday, March 27, 6pm–8pm

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Community of Scholars Day (COS) is an all-day conference that exhibits the impressive work that is currently being done at Lesley University. All members of our community—staff, students, alumni, and faculty—are invited to participate as individual scholars or as teams. The conference highlights exemplary work from across the university and honors inquiry, research, creative activity, and scholarship. Whether your passion is in the arts and sciences, education, mental health, business, leadership, adult learning, or social justice and activism, we encourage your contributions.

Conference Theme: Identity and Leadership in the Context of Social Change

In the turbulence of the current sociopolitical climate, it is necessary to reexamine the constructs of leadership and identity. In this context, we see leadership as a process--formal and informal, emerging and established, and as both activism and ethical witnessing. The study and practice of leadership varies by discipline, and in times of social change may be broader in vision or more immediate in scope. Moreover, enacting leadership often intersects with one’s own understanding of self and identity. We recognize that identity is a process of self-definition and simultaneously constructed by social forces, and therefore subject to dynamic changes over time and across contexts. For example, identity can be influenced by biological, psychological, social, cultural, historical, artistic, political, and economic factors, all of which are constantly shifting as social change is occurring.

We invite our community to engage in this important discussion. We encourage applicants to find connections between their work and the theme of the conference. Priority will be given to projects that connect to this theme, but all proposals will be carefully considered.

Examples of topics related to identity, leadership, and social change, and their intersections:

  • Diverse perspectives on the study and practice of leadership
  • Historical contexts of leadership
  • Leadership and disruptive innovation
  • Leadership narratives (e.g., creative expressions and/or multicultural views of leadership)
  • The role of identity in leadership and social justice, and the role of leadership in the construction of identity
  • Intersectionality, multiple identities and leadership
  • Teaching and mentoring as leadership
  • Gender and leadership
  • Becoming an upstander: Interventions that demonstrate leadership
  • Social activism as a response to social injustice
  • Community organizing and grassroots leadership
  • Leadership as informal, formal, leading from the middle, leading from the margins, emerging, visionary, risk-taking, adaptive, emerging
  • Truth telling and bearing ethical witness
  • Ethics, organization, and cultural change
  • Innovative pedagogies/cross-cultural approaches to teaching, learning and leadership
  • Using the arts for social engagement
  • Innovative programs for marginalized and underserved populations
  • Cross-cultural or multi-cultural approaches to teaching, learning, and leading
  • Pedagogies that address, facilitate, or develop leadership and/or social justice
  • Visual literacy as a vehicle for social change
  • Visual literacy as an exploration of the self
  • Using innovative technology to explore topics related to social change
  • Researcher as leader

Presentation Formats

We seek submissions from individual faculty, students, staff, administrators, and alumni, and teams of any combinations thereof, to be presented in one of the following face-to-face or virtual formats:
  • Paper presentations
  • Panel presentations
  • Poster session presentations
  • Creative performance, open studios, visual images, motion media, music, dance, expressive modalities, or experiential workshops
  • Please note: Because we are not always able to accommodate all requested formats, the committee may ask you to consider switching to a different format or becoming part of a larger group presentation or panel. Please consider this as you plan for the conference.

Submitting Your Proposal

All stages of investigation will be considered for acceptance, but preference will be given to completed works and active research projects.

Post your submission by Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.. Detailed instructions are included on the submission page, but to make submission most efficient, you should have the following ready:

  • Publication title of up to twelve words (this will be published as written if your proposal is accepted)
  • A 150-to-250 word abstract describing the aims, methods, results, and/or intended audience of your project, with any references (in APA, MLA, or Chicago format)
  • A short (up to 80 words) description of your project for publication in the program and on the website.
  • Name(s) of all presenter(s) and their affiliation (i.e., school and program/department)
  • Format (i.e., panel, individual presentation, poster session, performance, visual image, motion media, dance, music, or other)
  • For additional details on constructing your proposal, see the Community of Scholars Subject Guide

You may contact for more information.

A peer-review process will be used to select proposal submissions for presentation. You will receive an email response regarding your proposal by March 2, 2018.

We look forward to your proposals and to our community-wide celebration of scholarship. Thank you in advance for helping us continue to build the reputation of Lesley University by allowing us to highlight and emphasize the diversity of scholarship that is being performed by the talented members of our community.

— The 2018 Community of Scholars Planning Committee

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