Raja Sinjab

Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

PHD - Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Peiwei Li, PhD

Second Advisor

Donna San Antonio, EdD

Third Advisor

Kimberly Cherry, PhD


This study explores the social-ecological experience of human development in adolescent girls in attempts to better understand what young people may need. Five adolescent girls participated in a three-month long critical youth participatory action research study utilizing a photovoice method to investigate environmental messages that impact their identity. Specific themes of intergenerational trauma and macro-cultural influences were identified through a co-generated data analysis process, which contributed to a community action plan. The data generated with the co-researchers provided thematic information for the researcher to apply in a critical discussion exploring the influence of social power structures on families and youth. A Social-Ecological Model of Development in Young People was designed to illustrate the environmental influences that impact mental health in young people. Sociological multi-tiered interventions were also provided as recommendations to support de-pathologizing children and adolescents within the psychology and mental health counseling fields.

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