Date of Award

Fall 11-11-2023

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Degree Name

PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Individual & Interdisciplinary Studies

First Advisor

Patricia Crain de Galarce

Second Advisor

Dan Newman

Third Advisor

Linda Shandrick Lengyel & Marianne Reiff


A Narrative Approach to Examining the Workplace Experiences of Professional Adults living with Dyslexia is a qualitative narrative research study. The study gathered, documented, and analyzed participants’ lived experiences to improve an understanding of what makes an inclusive workplace setting. The literature and labor statistics recognize that many individuals with dyslexia are struggling at work, unemployed, unrecognized, marginalized, and underpaid. This inquiry is designed to gain greater insight into the existing employment discrepancies. The following research questions guided this investigation: 1. What are the experiences of professional adults with dyslexia in work environments? 2. How do adults with dyslexia navigate barriers found in the workplace? 3. What do the employment experiences of adults with dyslexia tell us about inclusive workplace cultures? Five professional adults living with dyslexia share personal insights that peek into the phenomenon of employees with neurodiversity navigating the workplace. Their narratives reveal the brilliance and ingenuity of dyslexia and the successes, strengths, strategies, complexities, and challenges experienced by such individuals in the working world. The findings include a social-cultural model of dyslexia where self-accommodations, individual pride, and self-created inclusive workplace environments lead to success. This research centers on the voices of adults with dyslexia. It is a call to action to create awareness and to create more inclusive work environments.



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