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This dissertation explores students’ learning experiences in a newly accredited graduate school focused on Restorative Practices Theory, which enables people to restore and build community collectively. This exploration was conducted using a Transformative Adult Learning Theory lens in order to understand graduate students’ perspectives regarding their learning experiences. Data were gathered using a qualitative and quantitative mixed method concurrent nested strategy design (Creswell, 2003). Fifteen total participants at multiple phases of graduate study made up the sample, including both current students and alumni. Participants were involved in a semi-structured interview, submitted a previously completed course reflection paper and gave permission to access previously completed Course Improvement Surveys. Through the triangulation of collected data this dissertation describes students’ perceptions of their formal learning experiences and found that: restorative processes cultivated emotional and relational learning, participants learned and implemented restorative concepts, classroom environment mattered to participants, and evidence of transformative learning was present in the students reported experiences.

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