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My research, conducted at a 600 student middle school, explored the conditions and factors needed by veteran teachers to learn about and implement educational change, either mandated or teacher-initiated. Qualitative research methods used included in-depth interviews of veteran teachers and observations in classrooms, cluster meetings and professional development workshops. Five factors appeared to facilitate the change effort for this group of teachers. They are: An understanding that the change process is a challenge in itself. A school culture that is conducive to change. A school principal who supports, inspires and encourages teachers. Appropriate professional development is offered to teachers. Teachers are actively involved in educational change. The veteran teachers studied were stimulated by change, regularly sought ways to improve, aspired to teach their students to love learning and were committed to helping their students succeed. Recommendations are offered for the important stakeholders in the school reform effort; teachers, principals, parents, the school district and schools of education.

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