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Fall 12-6-2019

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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Expressive Therapies

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Robyn Flaum Cruz, PhD

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Michaela Kirby PsyD

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Barbara Fish, PhD


This study evaluated the impact of the Creative Arts-based Parents’ Training (CAPT) program. The 6-week long, creative arts therapy-based program and its impact on parental stress and sense of competence for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was examined. Korean Parenting Stress Index Short-Form (K-PSI-SF) and Korean-Parenting Efficacy Test (K-PET) were used as quantitative measurements. Qualitative data were also collected for the experimental group (n = 17) using questionnaires, art journaling, and a 30 min focus group interview. The control group (n = 15) only participated in quantitative measurements. There was no difference in age between the experimental and control groups, t(25)=1.38, p=.19 and there was no difference in gender breakdown between groups, p=.86. There was a significant difference in the change in K-PSI-SF scores favoring the experimental group, and, t(17)=-2.72, p=.014 after controlling for inequality of variances; yet, there was no statistical significance found between groups t(30)=.912, p=.369 in K-PET scores. The experimental group reported positive experiences of both psychoeducational and creative arts-based parts of the program. Participants highlighted the CAPT program as helping them (1) improve social connection; (2) create new opportunities to be child-focused; (3) understand play for communication and connection; (4) understand the importance of emotion for child development; and (5) improve access to individualized information. The CAPT program seems a promising supplementary parent-training program.


Parent training for Parents with Children with Autism

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