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Spring 8-31-2018

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Jason D. Butler


Immigration has always existed, and lately with the heyday of social networks and media, we have witnessed high rates of immigration due to different social and political contexts that have forced people to leave their homes looking for a better situation. Many of these individuals have emigrated and continue to emigrate to the United States of America, in search of, what in some cases they believe will be, the American dream.

This document explores the implementation of developmental transformations (DvT), originally a drama therapy approach, with an immigrant population coming from a collective society such as the Asian into an individualistic one as it is the United States. Through this implementation, issues such as cultural differences, acculturation, cultural shock and trauma are addressed. This exploration includes work that took place within two sessions conducted at an after-school program with a seven-year-old client from China.

Along with the above, this document also expands research and literature in relation to immigrants and developmental transformations within the field of drama therapy.

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