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Spring 5-5-2019

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MCM - MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Counseling & Psychology


Kelvin Ramirez


With the growing number of trauma-informed practices in the mental health field, it is necessary to look at what best practices should be implemented in treating adolescents who have experienced trauma, specifically from a body-based intervention, such as dance and movement therapy. In this literature review, articles are discussed that encompass the following topics: dance and movement therapy and trauma, general dance interventions for the adolescent population, empowerment models as a way to cope with trauma symptoms, and cultural considerations of treating adolescent females of color. The gaps in current research must be acknowledged, specifically dance and movement therapy interventions for traumatized adolescents in the United States and treatment options for oppressed populations. Through studying, researching, explaining, and critically evaluating existing literature in dance and movement therapy, it can be formulated where future research is needed for this target population. As trauma-informed care continues to increase, it is essential to explore where further research should be conducted to best treat adolescents who have experienced trauma.

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