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Spring 5-18-2019

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MA - Master of Arts


Counseling & Psychology


Christine Mayor


This paper discusses an art therapy mindfulness mandala group method created for use within a partial hospitalization program (PHP) setting with children in Boston, MA. Literature regarding partial hospitalization population, therapeutic needs, and treatment was reviewed in order to develop a method to therapeutically benefit child clients aged nine-thirteen at the PHP. Due to the symptomology of clients within the program, much of which was due to frequent histories of trauma among clients, research into therapeutic treatment involved a review of mindfulness interventions for those who have experienced trauma. The writer then created a mindfulness mandala art therapy group, aiming to help clients improve their state of awareness of their thoughts and emotions, thereby decreasing suffering, anxiety, stress, improving well-being, and helping clients to make healthier choices going forward. This writer took process notes of clients’ before and after feelings statements, observations during the group, and created response art after each group. Results of the intervention concluded that overall, the majority of children reported feeling neutral or negative emotions before the group and more relaxed and positive emotions after the group. Due to the lack of mindfulness research existing in the field of art therapy within acute treatment, this capstone provides an example of how a mindfulness art therapy mandala group might help children in a PHP to improve their emotional states and sense of well-being. Possible research and practice implications for more incorporation of mindfulness art therapy in acute treatment settings in the future are provided.

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