Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2020

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Tamar Hadar, PhD, MT-BC


With a growing population of immigrants and a rise in anti-immigration policies and sentiments that have longstanding mental health consequences, it is imperative that the field of dance/movement therapy meets the growing needs of long-term immigrants in the U.S. This literature review addressed the gap in dance/movement therapy research on the use of dance/movement therapy to support the post-migration, long-term mental health needs of immigrants residing in the U.S. Themes of loss, discrimination, and acculturation and identity as the prevailing long-term effects of the post-migration experience in the U.S. were explored. In addition, literature on multicultural and anti-oppressive uses of dance/movement therapy were examined, followed by a review of expressive arts therapy literature with migrant populations. Next, dance/movement therapy literature with migrants, often concerning recently-arrived refugees coping with trauma, was examined. Finally, I proposed a case for the potential utility of dance/movement therapy to address the mental health needs of long-term immigrants in the U.S. Particularly, due to its capacity to build resilience, body awareness, and community through culturally relevant applications. Recommendations for further research included investigating the effectiveness of dance/movement therapy with long-term immigrants in the U.S., and particularly, how it might serve to mitigate and protect against the mental health effects of loss, discrimination, and acculturation.

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