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Spring 5-2-2020

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Meg Chang



Dementia is a cognitive disease which impacts a person’s ability to verbally communicate and to emotionally socialize due to degeneration of the brain. Nonpharmacological approaches to dementia care have become more common as we look for more holistic approaches to caring for the entire person, and not just the brain functions and limitations. A new focus on the social and emotional needs of individuals with dementia has led to the use of expressive arts therapies, as therapeutic interventions in dementia care, in many nursing homes and senior centers. Collage therapy is particularly accessible, as an arts-based intervention, as the already existing images allow the individuals to engage in the arts process with less confusion. The low-stakes/high-success intervention creates an atmosphere of socialization and conversation connection as individuals share images and emotions with one another.

Keywords: collage, dementia, communication, non-verbal communication, social connection

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