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Spring 5-18-2018

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Rebecca Zarate


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a multi-faceted disease that has physical, mental, and financial consequences for the individual and for society at large. The global burden of disease related to substance use disorder is 5.4 percent worldwide according to World Health Organization (2014). There is a need to expand knowledge of the illness as well as create a more effective treatment method. The demand for addiction-based treatment is rising. There is a need to explore and strengthen research on therapeutic approaches to help individuals to combat substance use disorder and aide in the recovery process. Art therapy, according to Malchoidi (2012), has been found to be beneficial to patients with physical and psychological illnesses and can possibly provide another counseling method for people undergoing addiction treatment. This proposal is for a literature review research into whether art therapy can be used and show a help in this process of recovery.

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