Date of Award

Summer 5-18-2020

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Donna C. Owens, PhD


Loneliness has become a public health crisis in this country, and research is still fairly new. However, current research indicates that emerging and aging adults are most affected by loneliness and social isolation. With these populations, the most effective treatments to be found included connecting with others through conversation and volunteering, along with expressive arts. This thesis presents loneliness in a historical context and focuses on loneliness between three major groups: emerging adults, aging adults, and those in romantic dependent relationships. Specifically, this thesis aims to provide a thorough literature review of academic and non-academic resources offering interventions for loneliness using human connection through the medium of expressive arts. Although there is still not a lot of research provided with actual expressive art therapists implementing interventions for those suffering from loneliness, sufficient research exists using the arts in general with these populations.

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