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Spring 5-16-2020

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Kellogg


This thesis explores the foundation of research in the fields of spirituality, Dance/Movement Therapy, and addiction recovery, and paves the path for developing a method that integrates all three concepts together. The integration of spirituality in addiction recovery is widely accepted in the mental health field. Dance/Movement Therapy allows participants to connect to their internal experience, to each other, and to the shifting nature of the human experience: its application in addiction recovery is gaining momentum. In my method, connecting individuals in addiction recovery to their spirituality was the goal, and Dance/Movement Therapy was the means. Guided by the goals of befriending the inner experience, recognizing the shifting nature of feelings and sensation, and building kinesthetic empathy and connection, the method describes the implementation of four DMT sessions in an inpatient substance abuse treatment center. Where spirituality has been a source of aversion, this method offers a renewed perspective. It connects the individual to both their body and spirit, uncovering wholeness.

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