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Summer 6-29-2020

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MAE - Master of Arts in Expressive Therapies


Expressive Therapies


Marisol Norris, PH.D., MT-BC


The therapist’s role in fostering engagement in art-making is an often-overlooked topic within the expressive therapies. Many individual clients and groups present as disinterested in art which can put the expressive therapist in a particularly challenging position with regards to working in their preferred methods. This paper investigates primary motivations and barriers to participation as they relate to adolescents presenting with behaviors that interfere with their academic success by delving into literature examining participation and relationship building. In an attempt to identify possible solutions that encourage engagement with the arts, four principles for the design of inclusive arts experientials are developed and implemented as two distinct arts experientials. Results show promise in the efficacy of a method by which the expressive therapist can work towards expanding their scope of practice to engage individuals and groups in the art making process.

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