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Spring 5-22-2021

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Kelvin Ramirez


Anti-fat bias exists and is a pervasive and often overlooked form of oppression that significantly harms the mental health of fat people. Similar to other forms of oppression, anti-fat bias remains perpetuated through ideology, enforced institutionally through discriminatory practices, and enacted through interpersonal harassment. There is growing interest in exploring not only the mental health impacts of anti-fat bias, but also the development of effective therapeutic interventions to support fat people impacted by it. However, research on therapeutic strategies for combating this issue remains scarce. The field of Expressive Therapies, with its range of creative modalities and focus on engaging the body in therapy, provides a unique opportunity for supporting fat people in healing from anti-fat bias, cultivating positive body image, and empowering themselves to advocate for body liberation. This literature review examines the ideological, institutional, and interpersonal manifestations of anti-fat bias, its impact on the mental health of fat people, and presents research exploring a range of therapeutic approaches relevant to supporting fat people harmed by anti-fat bias.

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