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Spring 5-5-2021

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Tim Reagan, PhD, RDT


Dance/movement therapy (DMT) was developed as a tool to aide in therapeutic healing. A foundational aspect of DMT is attunement, the emotional/kinesthetic connection between two people that allows for meaningful and healing bonds to emerge. Lindy Hop is a partnered dance that fosters an environment of attunement, as it is accessed both subconsciously and consciously. This research explores Lindy Hop as a possible method of therapeutic treatment. The literature indicates the physiological need for attunement and how safety plays a key role in strengthening senses of self-identity, nervous system development, and worldview. Four experienced Lindy Hoppers were recruited to engage in a project via Zoom where the investigator analyzed participant movement and attunement before and after dancing Lindy Hop. Afterwards, participants shared their thoughts and opinions about attunement and its connection to the Lindy Hop. The investigator discovered that attunement played a role among dance participants and that Lindy Hop can function as an intervention in which attunement can be cultivated. A recommendation is made for practicing Lindy Hop as a therapeutic treatment for bolstering attunement of individuals on the autism spectrum.

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