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Spring 5-20-2023

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Kelvin Ramirez, PhD, ATR-BC, LCAT


Within the last ten years research on art therapy and its positive impact on oncology patients’ stress and anxiety during treatment has been minimal. Oncology patients whether they are children or adults when diagnosed experience similar reactions due to their diagnosis, treatment, and in some cases end of life care. The current question is whether or not art therapy does have a positive impact on decreasing the stress and anxiety with oncology patients while undergoing treatment. Deane, Fitch & Carmen (2000), discussed art therapy as a healing art that is “intended to integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual care by facilitating creative ways for patients to respond to their cancer experience” (Deane, 2000, p. 147). Additionally, overall improvement of the patient’s quality of life (QOL) were explored by Rossana (2021). This literature review intends to present the relevant research on how art therapy has had a positive impact on an oncology patients’ stress and anxiety during treatment as well as a positive impact on their QOL.

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