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Spring 5-22-2021

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Kelvin Ramirez, PhD, ATR-BC, LCAT


Considering the significant changes that occur throughout pregnancy, coping with such changes may be challenging, affecting those experiencing high-risk pregnancies in particular. Women facing high-risk pregnancies often endure heightened levels of stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms, ultimately impacting their well-being and mental health. Medical concerns may lead to hospitalization, which has the potential to exacerbate an already distressing situation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While evaluating beneficial therapeutic interventions to address the needs of this population, art therapy and art-making has proven to reduce anxiety, encourage coping strategies, provide an emotional outlet, and improve overall well-being. In light of these aspects, the experience of women on a high-risk pregnancy unit engaged in art therapy was explored. Through designing and implementing three arts-based therapeutic interventions with hospitalized women facing high-risk pregnancies, the experiences of sixteen participants were observed. It was found that art therapy proved to promote autonomy, reduce anxiety, support the development of healthy coping skills, and provide an outlet to explore identity. With hopes of offering insight into the use of art therapy with hospitalized women experiencing high-risk pregnancies, this capstone thesis demonstrates the need for accessible mental health services, the beneficial impact art therapy can have when integrated into these services, and the demand for future research.

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