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Spring 5-19-2018

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Jason D. Butler, PhD, RDT-BCT


Current research in the field of music therapy regarding productivity and efficiency is limited to exploring theoretical concepts and is lacking on the effects of implementing said theories. It will be advantageous for music therapists to adopt streamlined processes for recurring responsibilities such as session planning, preparation and post-session processing. Increased productivity in these endeavors will permit more time allocated towards more valuable undertakings. To expand upon the emerging data and to contribute to the field’s current understanding, this writer has designed a session structure model exclusively for music therapists to use in their clinical practices. A worksheet-based template was found to be a productive method in which to efficiently design session plans. Additionally, the template was useful as a processing tool to support documentation, evaluation and organizational needs for treatment plan development. Results indicated that using this template is a viable option for increasing preparedness and efficiency before, during and after music therapy sessions. The positive consequences of using the model suggest that music therapists may benefit from more succinct preparation and processing practices and supports the need for future research.

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