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Spring 5-21-2022

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Jena Leake


Dance/movement therapy (DMT) is a therapeutic approach that incorporates the physical, emotional, and cognitive processes as a method for healing. Within the field of DMT, there has been limited research working with the elderly LGBTQ+ bereaved community. This research inquiry aims to expose this gap in the literature and offer approaches for future research based on the current literature in DMT and psychology. Through a review of literature conducted on google scholar and Lesley University’s library, relevant articles examining the experience of grief among elderly LGBTQ+ individuals, DMT among elderly and bereaved populations, and working with individuals who have experienced oppression were identified. Theoretical perspectives on working with grief and the elderly community are discussed along with the historical context of the current generational cohort of the elderly LGBTQ+ community. The discussion of the literature review identifies DMT approaches and techniques for this community including fostering awareness, meaning making, and creating connections to allow space for grieving among the elderly LGBTQ+ community. The research inquiry suggests a need for further research to examine how DMT can meet the specific needs of this population and the importance of considering how societal expectations, historical context, and individual experiences inform an individual’s grieving process.

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