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Spring 5-21-2022

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Raquel Stephenson


Postpartum depression (PPD) is considered as a universal health epidemic, affecting between 10-20% of mothers. Despite this high prevalence rate, symptoms of PPD often go overlooked and underdiagnosed in physical and mental healthcare due to a lack of research and awareness. The expressive therapies have introduced creative treatment options for PPD; however the modalities are often kept separate. Intermodal transfers, informed by the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC), can provide effective and accessible benefits to mothers with PPD. This literature review critically analyzes the efficacy of intermodal transfers in the treatment of PPD. The findings show that a multimodal approach is accessible and effective in reducing depressive symptoms, potentially preventing the severity of PPD, and improving the support for new mothers. A proposed intervention is included in the appendix for guidance towards future practice.

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