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Spring 5-21-2022

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Lee Ann Thill


Dance/movement therapy (DMT) is a somatic-based psychotherapy approach that can supplement existing therapy techniques or stand on its own as effective psychological treatment. As a growing field, DMT continues to expand its application to different populations. This literature review analyzed the implications of DMT application for individuals who are dying. While the application of DMT with diverse populations has been studied, the literature regarding the application of DMT with dying individuals is slim. Medical, spiritual, and emotional treatment during death have received considerable attention in academic literature, however, the application of many body-based psychological treatment interventions has not been studied as thoroughly. Literature concerning the cultural attitudes towards death in Western and non-Western cultures, mental illness and death, and the literature that has been published thus far concerning DMT and death were analyzed as a framework to better understand the potential application of DMT with dying individuals. While research still needs to be conducted in order to best apply DMT in the treatment of dying individuals, the research points to strong potential for the creation of further evidence-based care.

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