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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Donna C. Owens


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online therapy is now a more permanent part of current therapeutic practice. The therapeutic relationship is also an essential part of mental health services, and while previous research has examined its formation both in-person and online, it has not been investigated thoroughly in its formation with youth in videoconferencing. Expressive arts therapy has also been studied in its relation to therapeutic relationship formation, youth, and videoconferencing, but not in relation to these elements in combination. This study addresses a gap in the literature by examining how expressive arts therapy can be used as a tool to build the therapeutic relationship in videoconferencing. A search of the literature was conducted primarily through the Lesley University Library Online and Google Scholar. Searches of major news outlets acquired current and relevant news articles. Results suggest that expressive arts therapy is an effective way of engaging youth and building the therapeutic relationship in videoconferencing. This study makes recommendations for practice, including development of interpersonal skills and strategies, the use of expressive arts therapy, as well as further education and training for therapists. Additional quantitative study of this topic, on the effectiveness of both further training on the therapeutic relationship in videoconferencing and expressive arts therapy online with youth is recommended.

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