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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Rebecca Zarate


Youth suicide is a serious, global public health issue necessitating a transdisciplinary approach to treatment and prevention. The creative processes underlying expressive therapies (i.e., drama therapy, music therapy, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and expressive arts therapies) provide a unique opportunity for mental health clinicians to address the destructive experiences underlying suicidality (i.e., suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, or death by suicide). Empirical studies utilizing expressive therapies with suicidal youth are scarce, and the field of suicidology does not highlight expressive therapies, creative arts therapies, or arts-based psychotherapies within suicide prevention. This thesis explores the overlap that does exist between expressive therapies and suicidology, highlighting the benefits of expressive therapies for depressed and/or traumatized populations. Gaps in the literature are discussed as future research opportunities. A transdisciplinary, trauma-informed expressive therapies model for youth suicide prevention is considered.

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