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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Donna C. Owens


The difficulties of delivering clinical services during the pandemic showed that there was a need for interventions that were able to be adapted to virtual sessions. In addition, lack of training and expertise regarding specialized therapies require modern day clinicians to be able to synergize current theory with the reality of the mental health landscape. In this study, 19 individuals participated in a psychoeducation group that taught a therapeutic thought mapping technique that was then adapted towards the creation of a haiku. It was noticed that participants were able to learn a psychological concept, apply it towards their life, create an artwork reflecting the content of the thought map, and share the artwork with each other in the course of 45 minutes. This study provides support for the usage of haiku regarding anxiety and depression based treatment programs. The applications of utilizing haiku as a therapeutic aid are wide, and the accessibility of the art form is high. The training required to create haiku is minimal is cost effective to use in group settings. Possible research for haiku, such as usage as an adjunct with other highly structured therapeutic models and as a healing agent overall are recommended for the future. In addition, research with the utilization of additional art forms as a supplement to structured therapy should be considered.

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