Date of Award

Summer 5-31-2023

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Angelle Cook


During the pandemic in recent years, utilising expressive arts as psychological intervention has been discussed in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, introducing expressive arts in local social work and medical settings is challenging due to the human service professionals lacking the understanding of this new method. In religious organizations, which are common in the Hong Kong social welfare system, there may be more obstacles. The literature review firstly defines religion and spirituality, and their importance for people with serious mental illness then discusses the effectiveness of psychodrama and Bibliodrama for the targeted population. A six-session workshop was delivered, containing three-sessions of expressive arts training, two-sessions of Bibliodrama, and one session of sharing. The results showed a group of people with diverse cognitive abilities understood the text of the Bible, through action based drama activities. Role-empathizing, processing of text interpretations, and engaging with group conflicts were experienced. The core features of Bibliodrama, modifications made for the group with serious mental illness, and observed cultural concerns are highlighted and discussed. Lastly, limitations are stated with the researcher’s personal reflection.

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