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Spring 5-18-2024

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Basel Zayed


This capstone thesis uses available literature to explore the ethnic name-changing and its impact on the identity of Mandarin-speaking music therapists in the United States. Eight themes are explored in this literature review: (1) the distinction of Mandarin Chinese; (2) the relationship between names and selves; (3) Chinese naming practices; (4) the practice of name-changing among Mandarin speakers in the United States; (5) the reasons behind Mandarin speakers adopting English names; (6) cross-cultural adaptation; (7) cultural adaptation of foreign music therapists in the United States; and (8) the significance of music therapist's identity exploration. This literature review highlights the importance of self-awareness of identity and cultural adaptation for Mandarin-speaking music therapists in the United States. It also emphasizes the need for further research on this under-explored topic. By shedding light on the ethnic name-changing practice among Mandarin-speaking music therapists in the United States, this thesis aims to contribute to multiculturalism and advocate for diverse voices and perspectives in the field of music therapy.

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