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Spring 4-30-2024

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MAE - Master of Arts in Expressive Therapies


Expressive Therapies


Raquel Chapin Stephenson


Authentic Movement is a therapeutic practice often utilized in the field of dance/movement therapy. Inspired by Carl Jung’s Active Imagination, Authentic Movement consists of a person dancing, the “mover,” and a person watching the dancer, the “witness.” Research has shown that practicing Authentic Movement is beneficial for individuals as it helps with emotional regulation and a sense of well-being, among other things. This thesis explores the effects of Authentic Movement in a community workshop with the incorporation of a device, called PlantWave, that translates body biorhythms into music. Traditionally, Authentic Movement is practiced in complete silence aside from sounds that may arise from the mover. For this workshop, the practice of Authentic Movement was adapted to include music created by the witnesses' own bodies. This was added to explore the effect of the witness being witnessed by the movers in an auditory way and allowed them to witness their own bodies. In essence, the witness was simultaneously witnessing the movers and being witnessed by the movers, though in a different capacity. Participants gathered at a community space in a small Colorado town over two days to engage in a group experience of Authentic Movement. At the end of the workshops, participants described synchronicities in their movements and thought patterns, a sense of emotional regulation, and a strong sense of community. The results of this experience suggest that practicing Authentic Movement that includes music made from the body can enhance the sense of self and relation to others, offering healing to individuals and their greater communities.

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