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MAE - Master of Arts in Expressive Therapies


Expressive Therapies


Basel Zayed


This capstone thesis looks into the concept of attunement within the context of Contact Improvisation (CI), a movement form distinguished by spontaneous, in-the-moment interaction and interpersonal connection. Through a synthesis of theoretical frameworks and personal narrative, this literature review explores how CI cultivates attunement—a resonant interpersonal process, fostering shared understanding and synchronicity. The thesis reveals that attunement within CI involves self-attunement and contact attunement along with refining awareness and attention to kinesthetic and proprioceptive sensations. The therapeutic implications of attunement within CI extends to aspects such as body-mind alignment, emotional growth, enhanced mobility, and interpersonal skills. Aligned with principles of mindfulness, attunement within CI promotes present-moment awareness, self-regulation, and empathetic responsiveness. Through continuous exploration of friction, momentum, and gravity, CI practitioners cultivate sensitivity to touch, facilitating a nuanced comprehension of physical and emotional interactions. CI transcends language barriers and societal norms, providing a platform for authentic expression and interpersonal connection. Essentially, Contact Improvisation offers a comprehensive framework for movement that underscores the importance of relationality, embodiment, and empathetic engagement, thereby enhancing personal growth, relational development, and collective resonance through the lens of attunement.

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