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Spring 5-18-2024

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MCM - MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Expressive Therapies


Laura Wood, PhD, RDT/BCT, LMHC


Re-member Selfhood is a specific trauma-informed, drama therapy, intervention designed to meet the needs of adults with exposure to trauma and traumatic stress, who have pertinent adverse childhood experience scores and/or experience persistent trauma cycles over the lifespan concurrent with somatization. The aim of this thesis was to introduce an intervention which could function as indirect exposure and assist in the integration process taking the whole being of trauma sufferers into account, including body, mind, and soul. Additionally, the hope of this intervention is to decrease perceived physical pain, assist in the integration of the rejected aspect of self, and increase compassion and self-forgiveness. This intervention has 8 stages and unfolded over 6-10 sessions with six-participants from an outpatient community care service provider in the Northeast of the U.S. The observations of this intervention indicated promising outcomes for a future study of the application of Re-member Selfhood for those who live with unresolved trauma and seek resolution and integration. Re-member Selfhood shows potential in transforming perceptions of somatization and increasing positive body awareness while expanding access to a wider spectrum of emotion.

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