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Spring 5-18-2024

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MCM - MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Expressive Therapies


Laura Wood, PhD, RDT/BCT, LMHC


Asian international students in the United States face a multitude of challenges such as language barriers, differences in cultural norms and behaviors, and identity confusion while navigating a foreign landscape. Developmental Transformations (DvT), a form of drama therapy, may apply to these challenges by enabling participants to explore different identities and express themselves creatively beyond the language barrier. This community engagement project was designed for Asian international students to be seen and heard by utilizing DvT. Within an in-person workshop, five participants played with their shared stories, and explored international and cultural roles in group DvT. Key takeaways from the workshop on the needs of Asian international students highlight the importance of validation, providing spaces to process culture shock, and fostering connections with peers from similar backgrounds. Implications for future directions include more research and practice regarding the ways to modify theories of drama therapy for those who are from collectivistic cultures.

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