Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice


Sarah Wall

Publication Date

Spring 2012


Here, There be Dragons: A Practitioner Explores Feminist Poststructuralist Theory

In ancient times, it is told, cartographers would write the phrase, “Here, there be dragons” on their maps in order to indicate unknown, unexplored territory beyond the boundaries of what was already discovered. Such a phrase connotes mystique and danger and can raise the specter of fear for those who dare travel into uncharted territory. As an explorer of the intellectual variety, I have had my own encounter with the margins of my known world and have wondered how I might deal with the trouble I met along the way. My journey took me from a comfortable place in the largely realist world of hospital nursing practice and management to a meeting with feminist poststructuralist theory in the form of a doctoral level course. In this article, I examine my encounter with new theory, framing my analysis with work on the pedagogy of theory by both Roger Simon and Laurie Finke in order to consider how I have applied this theory in my work and suggest how my insights might benefit other students and teachers of theory.



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