Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice

Article Title

Terri Schiavo, Inc.


Jyl Lynn Felman

Publication Date

Fall 2013


Terri Schiavo, Inc. is a one woman performance meditation/monologue about the real life woman, Terri Schiavo who was kept artificially alive for fifteen years while her husband fought Terri’s family in court for the right to unplug the machines and let his wife die “peacefully.” The main character decides to speak for Terri Schiavo and all women, including the main character’s own dead mother, who were “kept alive” and not allowed to die with dignity. The meditation monologue is highly political and personal, as it also tells the story of the daughter’s own mother. Both hysterically funny and chilling sad simultaneously, Terri Schiavo, Inc. asks the audience to speak for all the women who can not speak for themselves.



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