Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice

Publication Date

Fall 2015


The article begins by assessing the theoretical issues raised in the literature regarding teaching in another culture and, in particular, teaching in a conflict zone. It then goes on to describe the specific conditions under which Lesley University’s program operated in Israel. A large portion of the article outlines the teaching and community outreach activities of Lesley University in Israel since 1979, and how they met the challenges of culturally-responsive teaching in a war-affected area, focusing on its work training therapists, educators and community activists, organizing conferences and launching community outreach programs. The article discusses issues such as preparing faculty for travel, conducting course rituals, reacting extemporaneously to cultural differences, suggesting curative and developmental solutions for the traumatic experiences borne by the students and their society, and balancing the desire to teach and uplift with the humility to recognize the wisdom of those being taught. The article concludes with lessons learned and thoughts for the future.