Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice

Publication Date

Fall 2015


Teachers’ sense of self-efficacy (SSE) is strongly related to the quality of teachers and their teaching. Thus, it is important to determine whether teacher education programs enhance the SSE of teacher trainees. This article assesses teachers’ SSE based on two spheres: classroom and organization. The study explored three questions: (a) Is there a change in classroom efficacy over the course of four years of training? (b) Is there a change in organizational efficacy over the course of four years of training? (c) Is there a difference between classroom efficacy and organizational efficacy at the end of each year of teacher training program and over the course of four years of training? The participants were 136 teacher trainees (freshmen to seniors) at a teachers college, who completed a self-report scale. The results indicated that there was no significant increase in classroom efficacy or in organizational efficacy from the first to their fourth year of teacher training. In each academic year, organizational efficacy was significantly lower than classroom efficacy.



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